Armenian Nuptial Customs

Armenian nuptial traditions is surely an important part of the wedding planning method. These traditional ceremonies add a number of unique rituals that make the day extra memorable.

The Engagement

In Armenia, the eldest member of the groom’s family sets forth a proposal and asks for the hand from the bride. This is an important tradition that symbolizes the importance of family members plus the strength of bonding. The groom’s father and mother also enjoy an important position in the proposal by arranging a series of visits and events that may lead to the pitch.

First Look

The first seem between the couple is a grand affair, complete with revelry and traditional folk music. It is the moment if the bride grows to meet her future husband with regards to the very first time.


Before the feast day, the best man makes an overall look at the bride’s house and presents her with a gorgeous gift-wrapped bag called a “sinis. ” This kind of basket contains items such as shoes, flowers, fragrances and chocolates. This is an enjoyable way for the very best man to show his take pleasure in and kindness ahead of the actual feast day begins.


One more relationship with korean woman well-known wedding surprise is cash, which is regarded as a symbol of wealth and success. Guests can provide the few a small amount of money at the reception or perhaps at their homes to assist all of them start their particular new your life together.

Breaking Discs

Before coming into the reception, the wedding couple break a plate to be a symbol of good luck. This is done to cast away virtually any evil which may come with their particular new your life together.

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