SummerWood Residents Express Thanks

Residents and staff of Hoffman SummerWood Community recently continued their annual tradition of delivering a “thank you” lunch to the West Hartford Police Department, the local Fire Department and AMR Ambulance service. As a gesture of appreciation, several residents and staff delivered the lunches and had an opportunity to personally thank the dedicated police officers, fire fighters and medics. “It’s nice to let these individuals know how much we value the work they do…they are always here for us when we need them,” remarked Joan Carney, SummerWood’s Executive Director. The postal carrier, UPS and pharmacy delivery people also received a thank you lunch as they made their deliveries.

Hoffman SummerWood Community is a national award-winning senior living community located on Simsbury Road in West Hartford. For more information, please call 860-523-3808 or visit their website at

Featured in photo from left to right: Lindyann Vines, SummerWood employee; Lt. Keith Albert; C.B., Fire Dept. Driver; Mimi Rabinowitz, resident; Brian Merrin, Firefighter; Ida Levy, Arleen Bogen, Leo Novarr, Barbara Luchs and Herb Jones, residents.

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