Winter Activities for Seniors

5 Fun Winter Activities for Seniors

There’s no reason this season has to ruin a good time. Winter weather can be dangerous for any age group, especially seniors. However, there are ways to get creative and still have fun throughout the winter months.

As we age, it is important that we still stay physically and mentally active – throughout the year. From starting a book club to various indoor exercises, there are many ways to stay active throughout the season. Here are five fun winter activities to try before the weather warms up:

1. Bring the Outdoor Garden Inside

Do you have a green thumb? Don’t let the cold weather put the kibosh on your winter gardening! This is a rewarding activity to bring indoors and share with friends in your community. You can start with something simple, like amaryllis, which is easy to grow indoors and lasts for weeks. Also, winter gardening is a great way to create starter plants you can look forward to replanting outside when the weather warms up.

2. Start an Online Book Club

Whether you join an existing online book club or start your own, this is a great indoor activity to keep your mind active through the winter. Online video chatting platforms, such as Zoom, Skype and Facebook Messenger, are getting easier and easier to use and make it easy to connect with family and friends online. Use one of these tools this season to discuss new and interesting books you’ve read with others who share the same interests.

3. Stay Active!

 Just because you’re stuck inside for much of the winter doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. As a senior, it’s vital to stay physically active throughout the year to maintain overall health. Low-impact exercises can be done indoors without a ton of space required. Set aside an hour or half an hour of gym time a day to keep yourself committed to an exercise routine. Some examples of low-impact exercises that you can do indoors are resistance band exercises, stretching, tai chi, yoga, as well as chair exercises.

4. Get Crafty!

Arts and crafts are great indoor activities for aging adults because they require mental AND physical activity. Get crafty this winter with activities like painting and pottery – adult coloring books are also very popular! Crafts can range from beginner to expert level and you are only limited by your imagination. If you’re having trouble thinking of a fun craft to create, do some research online and soon enough you’ll have a repertoire of great craft ideas to do well into the future!

5. Don’t Forget the Great Outdoors

Colder weather is no reason to stay completely shut indoors the whole season. Of course, if conditions outside are slippery or treacherous in any way, it is best to stay indoors, but that won’t be the case for the entirety of winter. Going for a hike along a well-marked trail is an excellent way to get some exercise and catch up with an old friend. Many cities have fun winter activities that you can participate in outdoors with your family or a group of friends. Getting outside a little bit each month, when wintery conditions are not treacherous, can be a morale booster in addition to keeping you physically active.

Hoffman Summerwood offers a wide array of amenities to heat things up for residents all winter long. Stay active with daily fitness classes or get creative with poetry writing, painting, and drawing lessons. Enjoy live music at concerts and performances, or dive into deep discussions about short stories and current events. Connect with friends at Men’s Club and Ladies Tea Group gatherings, find spiritual solace in religious programs, or connect with virtual chats. Whether you seek physical activity, creative expression, intellectual engagement, or friendly company, Hoffman Summerwood keeps you thriving throughout the colder months.

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