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Success Stories

Barbara Ruderman

SummerWood member since 2015

"I did not want to move to SummerWood. I wanted to continue living at home but after much discussion with my kids, they convinced me to give it a try and I agreed. Now that I am here, I love it! I like that I'm busy, being a member council representative, volunteering and attending the great programs that SummerWood offers.

My family is pleased that I am here. They have peace of mind and know I'm being taken care of.

You don't have to need help to be here; you still continue to be independent. I still have my car, I have friends here and there is so much to do. I no longer have to worry about the up keep of a home. I have the best of both worlds!"

Irene Starr

SummerWood member since 2016

I didn't want to leave my home. I felt once I gave that up, the rest would all be downhill. I am now happy to be here. I have friends I knew from before and I also made new friendships. I feel the staff is genuine when they are being nice to me.

My family is happy that I am here. They think it's good for me. They know I am being taken care of. I know it's much better for me to be here than being home alone. SummerWood has so many people here who care about you and they become your friends. It's something we need at our age."

Kayleen Goldstein

SummerWood member since 2012

"I moved to SummerWood when my husband needed some health services. Although I still drive, being here allows me to have more opportunities to keep busy. It's not good to live all by yourself. Being at SummerWood, I have people to talk to, people to eat with, there is always something to do if you choose to.

My family can sleep comfortably knowing that I am OK . It's not easy giving up your home of 53 years, but being around people and having things to do is important. I do not feel I have given up my independence because I am here now; instead, I have gained more of it!"

Rhoda Ferber

SummerWood member since 2012

"At home in New York, it seemed I had fewer and fewer friends around. When Storm Sandy came in 2012, it made me realize that I should be closer to my family in Connecticut. No one had to convince me to come here. I decided to make the move while I was still independent, and give my children the present of not having to worry about me.

I am so involved with things at SummerWood. It is an outstanding lifestyle filled with theater, concerts, lectures and learning and so much more. We have so much fun here. This has been the best move for me at this point in my life.

My advice: make the move before you have to do it. Move while you can take advantage of all the opportunities available here."

Joan and Leonard Weinberg

SummerWood member since 2015

We were having a harder time making the trip from Roslyn, New York to West Hartford to see our family. So one day we decided it was time to move and be closer. It was important for us to continue being active and find a community with intellectual programs. We are happy that SummerWood has programs that interest us. It's great that we can enjoy our family more.

You can take advantage of all SummerWood has to offer. When you live here, you have the ability to extend your activity intellectually and physically."

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